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Prototype 3 possible


Ok. Im tired of people saying that prototype three cant happen. Your retarded if you think that. Activision, as far as i know, HAD IT SET UP ALREADY! Number 2 didnt make enough revenue which is why i didnt happen. It didnt make enough money, NOT because it was a bad game or even that it was wo different in control and game play as the first. It lost revenue because INFAMOUS 2 came out at thr SAME TIME YOU *****ING IDIOTS!  Activision did a great job. And i love both their games. But im sad to say that the INFAMOUS franchise won out in their little war. It sucks but its what happened. 

Now... for all of you who are stupid... get this... it is NOT that Alex Mercer can regeneratr from his arms after Heller Devours him. Prototype 3 would start out with Alex Mercer waking up in his appartment after an undetermined amount of time. Walking up the stairs to the roof to get his bearings and see how things are out in the city, because last he checked everything had gone to *****... So he gets to the roof and looks down on the building directly across from his and what does he see??? James Heller beating the piss outa him! 

Ya see... Heller didnt devour Mercer. He devours a regenerated clone of his that lacked a concience and was driven by purely logical means because it was never human. Our Alex from game one was knocked out in a coma all of game 2. No Clue whats been goin on while his purely viral clone has been runnij around *****in ***** up. 

Game starts wit Alex having to regain his strength. Ascertain tye *****storm that is new york and find Heller to find out just whats been going on....

Thats about as far as i remember... 

But long story short... there were leaks all over the place aftef 2 came out about where 3 was going to go. It just fell thru the cracks and i dearly hope they can reboot the series and give us this long awaited gold mine! 

Please feel free to share this with all your idiot friends who were under the impression that Alex was Dead. Their dumb. 

-Sincerely Yours, 


The true Prototype Fan!

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If it ain't broke don't try'n fix it:Thats what my father said to me.                                                                           Radical Entertainment Is no more/gone.So is Neversoft.                                                                                       All Activision likes to do is unfortunately put old companies.Out of business,Next is SHG/Sledgehammer Games.All these big companies all they care about is money $$.

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