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Prototype 2 Mod request is it possible?


I wondered since 2012 but i didn't think its possible.I saw similiar mod in gta 5. Now im asking. in Prototype 2 James Heller got different sword type than Alex Mercer. I don't meaning attack animations. I mean sword and other power visuals.


Here you can see:


I played this game with Alex Mercer skin but it wasn't enough for me. I wish there was a mod that changes James Heller's power visuals like sword type with Alex Mercer's sword type.


Look at that picture Alex's sword, claws much more beautiful. I don't wan't to see huge arms on Alex Mercer suit. These visuals are in game files(At Murder Your Maker Mission we can see them ).

So here im asking Could someone change James Hellers Power Visuals with Prototype 2 Alex Mercer's power visuals?

We need it.

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Registered: ‎06-03-2018
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