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Hi dear Activision im here to talk about one of the most epic game's i had ever play and that is Prototype and Prototype 2 i liked the story and everything else now the last game from these series Prototype came out at 2012,of 24 april when i finish it i was so happy and so cool that i had to play such a game because i was always love games with bad guys but in this case its just 2 non-villain at least when you start to play both of them.Even when i got to play Prototype 2 as james heller and the bad guy was alex mercer at the start i was thinking why do you have to play with this dumb angry character but then i realize what you did, you made alex mercer the bad guy because after the first game he saw what he could accomplished with the power's he possess he saw the corruption of the world and as a greedy he was like everyone else he choose to take the wolrd into hes hands by making james heller daughter the new queen of the new world whell that was hes plans,but no when you have to deal with a military guy who had the same power's and by the end when he killled him by consuming him i believed that in the prototype 3 mercer will still be alive inside james and he will killing him by time by eating him inside,anyway my point is that not only me but millions of people who love those 2 games they want one more well i want more than just one but i think we deserve the Prototype 3 game.With regards your beloved customer he's send you his gratitude

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Registered: ‎08-02-2019
in reply to AlucardGabriel96
I agree to this message and I would love to see another prototype game I pushed for this idea 1000%
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hey activision can you make the prototype 3 with alex mercer? because in the last mission on p2 heller didnt consumed mercer's hand so mercer can renew himself

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Registered: ‎08-05-2019
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