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No support for Prototype 2?


I bought Prototype 2 together with Prototype in a Steam-Bundle a while ago and installed Prototype2 yesterday. The game started but after the video with Heller at the phone I had only a white screen (with black bars at top and bottom, so it is not a problem with my monitor), I had to kill the game process (which is a bit difficult, as the game doesn't even allow the task manager window to get in front of it) and restarted the game, now I skipped the video, just to see that another vide was started with Heller's military data explaining why he goes to the infected red zone. After that video the loading screen was shown and as it didn't change for 10 minutes(!) I again killed the process.

Today I started a new try and this time I had only a black screen for five minutes, so again I had to kill the process and start it again, this time I saw the copyright-disclaimer at the start of the video but this also hang for more than 2 minutes without even starting the real Activision-Logo video, so again I had to kill the porcess as the programm.


Trying to contact the support I'm first asked which game I'm playing, but I cannot enter a game name, but only choose from 5 games (4 differenet Call of Duty and the Ninja Turtle game) or extend the list by two more Call of Duty, a Ghostbuster and the King's Quest game.


Is there another way to contact the Activision support, or does that limited list mean, that Activision will only supprt a few games beside the Call of Duty series and is willing to refund the full selling price on other games? Steam will not refund anything after 1hr of playing, but with all these videos and unsuccessful tries to start the game, I already used up 30 minutes, and as it was the Franchise pack, I don't even know if the 1hr of Steam isn't counted on the whole package (and I played Prototype more than one hour).

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Registered: ‎13-11-2016
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