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How do I start game+ / complete game after beating Mercier



I've posted the following on steam and I would like to have some opinion from here too so..



Last time I played this game was in december so my memories may be incorrect.

Just reinstalled the game today and here is what I got:

- 3 saves although I'm quite certain that I've used more than that specially with auto save. They are all in hard mod

- the latest save is at 87%, with all blacknet cleared, no main mission available. Only pointers shown on the map are radnet events

- My list of achievements says that I've beaten Mercier but I don't have the "beat game in hard mod" achivement

- Insane mod is still locked too

So here is my question:

- which point of the main story line am I at?

- what should I do to complete this game to unlock game+ and insane mod?


End quote

Steam link:

Can't start game + after killing Mercier? :: PROTOTYPE 2 General Discussions

Looking forward to your responses.


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