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Hey Activision...about Prototype


To whoever may be reading this, hey. It's been a while, 7 years more exactly since Radical was preemptively shut down and the Prototype IP put it in a dusty vault. And it's sad, because the franchise has massive potential, and with the change to the industry landscape, the open-world-superpowered-game market is wide open. Besides Spider-man, which Activision has no access to anymore, there really aren't any big open world games of this type, and if done correctly, it's a huge empty niche to fill and bathe in its money.


So there's the incentive speak, but what really matters is that Prototype is a unique type of game and should really be given a chance in the modern systems. If there's any truth to the rumors that several years back Activision opened the IP to a studio to try and work out a game but nothing came of it, that means they still keep it in mind and that it's still worth a try. This is an attempt to breathe life into the forum which likely lays forgotten, and a plea and hope that perhaps this reaches whoever up top in the company makes the decisions on which games should be put into development. There is definitely a want for a third installment, for the franchise to come back to life. The original game still provides experiences that no modern game can match, fast paced insane action, feeling like a god and those sweet, sweet parkour animations which were sadly missing from its sequel. Prototype 2 despite its shortcomings, was still a good game with many great aspects to it too. On top of everything, according to steamcharts alone, people still play those games, and that's statistics just from Steam.


But instead of writing a 20 page essay, I'd like to present recent videos made by someone who is clearly very passionate about the series and knowledgable about it. The first two analyze the good and the not-so-good of the two Prototype games, something to learn from and take advice of when working on the next game. The latter are that person's own design videos for the game, gameplay, mechanics and story. A Prototype 3 really would not need to be a reboot, and it would hurt the series overall if it were. If the studio in charge of developing the game would really be blank for ideas, there are many who'd put forth suggestions for the next installment, from powers to story to looks and atmosphere.


Theose videos are all a great watch/listen, and present good ideas. And if anything, it's good to hear someone speak of the franchise at length again so long after it was gone, and it shows how many people are still really, really interested in Prototype and everything it presented and gave us.





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