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Bring this game back please


There is a huge opportunity with the rise in popularity of 3rd person shooter ability driven games.Prototype has so much potential to be an asset the core game play was so unique especially for its time. Games like warframe that capitalize on movement and abilities are so underrated.Just think if you mix prototypes movement style with co op mission style game play with an intricate skill tree designed for many different circumstances your looking at a hit game there’s an untapped gem in this game and with the right developers Activision could make a lot of money I’ve talked to so many gamers who agree this game was a cornerstone for games that thrive today and why it was cancelled blows my mind this game gave the player power and freedom that games today can’t touch even a complete restart of the franchise would be great the Mercer virus with the way it mutates the host makes for some wicked custom skins just saying there’s a goldmine right underneath your feet.Thanks and please support 

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Registered: ‎08-11-2018
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