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I wanted to report some bugs / suggestions, so I guess I'll just put them here since there's no other option available.



1. The Replay icon on the button for Relic Rush displays as the button background, so it looks like a button on top of a button.

2. Sometimes, while holding the Dash for Relic Rush, the input is messed up and swipe actions won't respond or are inverted.

3. Snakes on the side of a village pathway can bite if next to a ramp.

4. More one-liners please, the ones available are stale.

5. The steering on the bike kinda sucks, it seems to have an exponential sensitivity increase instead of linear.

6. Jaguar can't be directed to choose paths.

7. Treasure should not be placed immediately after Vines, at the end of a Bike ride, or other impossible to reach places. It's a waste.

8. Gold time requirements on Relic Rush might be a bit too hardcore.Maybe add an option for Dash potions to keep getting used if button is held?

9. Sometimes the camera gets sorta stuck at the end of a Bike ride if the bike wasn't already centered.

10. When running at a slight incline, the camera stutters and sorta falls under the ground for a second.

11. Double sidestepping is pretty slow. Could do with more responsiveness or an action of its own.

12. Potion buttons are pretty much right in the area for normal action swipes. Maybe move a bit up side or center?

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Registered: ‎12-08-2014
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