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the game crashes after it loads to 100%. No error message. I am running the game on an Ipad2 with IOS 9.1, which is the latest update available. Have had no problem prior.



Recently I've had an issue with the game crashing after loading to 100%. This problem started suddenly, no error prior. I'm running on an Ipad2 with IOS 9.1. This is the latest update available. I've been running the game for a couple of weeks with no problem. As I've spent money on the game I would rather fix if theres an issue. I don't know if the game data is stored on my device or at the game server or site. I don't want to delete the game and reinstall if all my data and money thus spent will be lost and I have to start from zero again. Help

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Registered: ‎04-12-2015
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