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  Help!  My boyfriend just got the Peanuts game for Xbox 360, and he and I don't know how to play it.  He got it as a Christmas gft brand-new, but there wasn't a booklet with it.  Also, we'd like to play 2 player mode, but don't know how.  Finally, how do we get Woodstock to follow Snoopy?  Any tips/help would greatly be appreciated! 

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Registered: ‎17-02-2016

There wasn't a booklet with mine either. I have been searching online for a manual. To play Snoopy & Woodstock, turn on both controllers. The 1st controller turned on will be Snoopy. The 2nd controller turned on will be Woodstock. All Woodstock can do is follow Snoopy around & reach jelly beans or hearts that he can't reach. There are locations that if you stop Woodstock inside the yellow circle on the screen, a secret help will be activated for Snoopy. To make Woodstock appear on the screen & follow Snoopy, make Snoopy stand still for a few seconds while you press any button on your controller. I hope this helps.

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