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Getting the Run Around



Recently when rediagnosed w cancer and having to restart treatments I devided to upload the snoopy town tales game on my android to keep my mind busy and off the pain and sickness. In less than a month I spent almost $60 within the game, which anyone who knows about cancer, money and food become a luxury (I felt guilty but knew what was in front of me) I played little over 3 weeks and then there was an update, I was willing to start over w a credit but pixowl cannot fix the problem. First told me to contact google play for refund, google play denies the refund is their responsibility due to the developers fault, pixowl then states contact Activision but they dont give refunds. Not capable of fixing their glitch, has made me feel not only extremely guilty for taking money from my family w medical bills, house bills, w 3 boys and a disabled husband-I was very naive thinking big companies would not only have such a huge glitch but show some respect for customers from no fault of their own lose their game, their money and just respond w the run around and Oh well-? How sad and disappointing

Carrie L Keith
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Registered: ‎14-05-2016
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