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BOUGHT THE SEASON PASS and NOTHING HAPPENED, no hijack boat, no new caracters, no new maps, even no way to find lobby in zombie mode


i feel like i got fisted, first, for spending almost 100 euros on the game and then to pay 50 more to havve more stuff


its like a game kit, to signup here is nearly impossible when you wanna link ur account

the online chat isnt online, the post to community forum link redirects to a blank page, i mean, i understand they are greedy as hell and they want to give us the hard task when its about complaining about something, even the topics of problems dont have season pass subject, its like, give me your money, have a problem? i dont wanna listen. 


and great, i bought the black ops 4 game 1 month ago or so, bought the season pass 2 days ago, and i cant get a refund for the season pass. 'for playing too much'


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