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i try to search for a game besides tdm (search and destroy, free for all etc.) and dont find a game nor a player in ANY lobby (!!!)

the game is nearly two years old and i can understand, that there is only a small group of people that play this game. but it is not normal that every gamemode besides tdm has <5% players in list!

there are times where there are 97% players in tdm, dafuq???


i bought this game last friday and i still enjoy playing it, but after a hour or so i cannot play tdm solo anymore and try to play with my friends 2v2 or gun game or just leave the game.

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Only tdm and domination available for me as well on the ps4.  This is usually the norm for old cod games, but I also think the abundance of campers turned off a good amount of the player base. 

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