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Dear Activision/Raven Software,


I have this strange problem that i want to play the game, but Im forced to play TDM or Domination, because the game is dying.

Weekend Warfare isnt playable, because every released special gamemode is offered and the small amount of players are splitting up even more.  

Would you guys at least move back to the regular Weekend Warfare cycle where there was one certain gamemode a week ? It puts the MWR community together and keeps the fun.



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I think the playlists need some consolidation and here's how I'd like to see it handled. 7 playlists (at minimum) are available at any given time during the week with an extra playlist reserved for the weekend that would bring the total to 8. Two of the 7 playlists that are available throughout a week are featured playlists that get rotated. A featured rotational playlist remains available for a two-week period before being switched out. The two featured playlist slots alternate their change-over so that each week is bringing about a new playlist.


  • Team Death Match (6v6)
  • Hardcore Team Death Match (6v6)
  • Team Tactical (3v3) a mixed-bag playlist
    • Team Death Match
    • Domination
    • Sabotage
    • Search and Destroy
    • Headquarters
  • Ground War (9v9) a mixed-bag playlist
    • Team Death Match
    • Domination
    • Kill Confirmed
  • FFA (8-Player) a mixed-bag playlist
    • Regular
    • Hardcore
    • Old School
  • Featured Rotational 1: Rotates bi-weekly. Offset from Feature #2 by a week.
    • Kill Confirm (6v6)
    • Search and Destroy (6v6)
    • Domination (6v6)
    • Headquarters (6v6)
    • Hardpoint (6v6)
    • Sabotage (6v6)
    • Demolition (6v6)
    • CTF (6v6)
  • Featured Rotational 2: Rotates bi-weekly. Offset from Feature #1 by a week.
    • Old School Team Death Match (6v6)
    • Old School Kill Confirm (6v6)
    • Hardcore Kill Confirm (6v6)
    • Hardcore Headquarters (6v6)
    • Hardcore Search and Destroy (6v6)
    • Hardcore Domination (6v6)
    • Oldcore (6v6)
    • Cage Match (1v1)
  • Weekend Warfare:
    • Gun Game (6-Player)
    • Gun Game - Launchers (6-Player)
    • Prop Hunt 
    • Mad Props
    • Beachcomber
    • Shotguns and Pistols (6v6)
    • Damage and Health (6v6)
    • Streaks Confirmed (6v6)
    • Snipers Only (6v6)
    • RPGs Only (6v6)
    • Slasher
    • Winter Crash 24/7 (6v6)
    • Daybreak 24/7 (6v6)
    • Beach Bog 24/7 (6v6)
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