Prop Hunt is too easy for the hunters

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I think it’s easier for the props. I had a long weekend and played a lot 4 days straight and never lost or had a draw. I don’t keep track but I’m sure I’ve gone even longer than that without losing. I get so bored as a prop I just run around and mess with the hunters. And as a hunter me and one team mate can normally wipe out the props within a minute. Too many people just stay still as a prop, sometimes you have to move around and juke the hunters. You see someone shooting everything then leave before he gets to you. It’s a pretty balanced game, if anything I’d say props should whistle more often but I’m ok with how it is. 

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I am not sure how many people who replied to this post actually played the real prop hunt on Gmod but I know I have and the 1 thing alot of people can agree on is CoD Prop Hunt does need some kind of work done to improve it. I feel the creative choices made makes it feel made for CoD but at the same time a bit weird. I feel that yeah the hunters can have unlimited ammo but only if they take damage for shooting at things that aren't props so they aren't rewarded for just holding the trigger and running around the map looking at everything. The whistle is a challenge but also shouldn't be an automatic thing it should be a taunt. The whistle would be a great way to say i'm over here but do so when the props know they have a good spot or situation. An example would be a pair of props in 2 good spots on opposite sides of a hunter could whistle and then when the hunter turns towards the first whistle the other prop could then whistle to confuse the hunter into thinking it's the same prop that whistled before making the hunter think the prop moved. outside of that the only real thing that could help improve the game mode is selective prop changes. the idea of picking which prop you want to be. that last choice isn't needed but it would greatly help because with the way it is now you could get the 3 biggest props on the map and use up all 3 changes and be screwed because there just ins't a way every time to hide huge props and some people might be able to do that but not everyone can which just ends up ruining the fun for those that can't. Outside of those 3 changes mainly 2 though the current edition of prop hunt is extremely fun I enjoy the game mode and just wish it was a perma game mode in either find a match or custom games.

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