Prop Hunt is too easy for the hunters

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so im glad that the weekend warfare is now prop hunt but the thing is they forgot 1 thing really important wich is that the hunters shouldn't be allowed to just shoot everything without thinking to win because it ruins the entire concept of prop hunt... you know the game mode where you're supposed to "hunt" the "props" not just blast everything and the fact that the hunters also have a p90 and desert eagle with unlimited ammo doesn't help and if you play as prop you can have the best spot ever but you'll still die because the hunters are shooting at every random thing so i think the hunters should loose a little bit of health each time they shoot something that isnt a "prop" player or something like that

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Really? The majority of the matches I've played end in a draw because the hunters rarely find all the props. Sometimes what works best is moving around the map when the hunters' backs are turned and just keep switching it up. If they spot you toss a flash bang and quickly switch props around the corner. Works like a charm. 

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I also feel it should be some changes but its still fun imo
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Interesting. I've yet to see one where the prop hunters won haha. It always ends in 2 to 2 draw for me. Some of the maps are incredibly difficult with not only how much space there is, but also vertacility and number of props that are on the map by default. Plus I've seen a few where you can hide in bushes and other ridiciulously tough spots. 

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So I just started playing Prop Hunt with THIS weekend's "Weekend Warfare". It's a fun game mode but you're right; It's too easy for the hunters. They can shoot anything they want as many times as they want, but the props can only change props twice and flash once. It's actually quite ridiculous. Not to mention if there's a good spot across the map in the enemy's spawn, it'll take you  a good 25 secs to get there and it also takes time to position yourself. Prop Hunt is all about being smart. What would look normal where. If the hunters are spraying everything (I'm guilty of this too), then the original idea of knowing what looks out of place is gone. In addition to this, the props either have too much health or nothing. I was playing as a red plastic crate earlier and one pistol shot killed me. The guy was just spraying everywhere with his Deagle and by chance he hit me. But then later I was the hunter and I hit a big weapons crate with 4 shots, he flashed me and I hit him one more time, but he still got away. I found him later and I hit him again and then I lost him. Later, i got a +50 assist for making him 1shot. Despite this, I really like how props can outrun hunters, it really makes for an enjoyable chase. All in all, some things like health and fairness of the game mode in general are inconsistent, but other things like run speed and time alotted to hide are well done. The mistakes that they do have are not minor and should be fixed asap. Concluding, this game mode shouldn't come back until the mistakes are fixed.

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ItsSilkyy, incorrect. You can be 3 different objects and you get a flash grenade for EACH object you are. So, in total, you get 3 flash grenades.


Also, the bigger object you are, the more it takes to kill them. It is basically rewarding you for hiding as a dumpster or a tree as it is much harder to hide. 

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Each prop has 1 flash, so every time you change props you have a flash. Don’t spam through your prop changes. As I posted I can go days without losing or drawing it’s a balanced game. And smaller props have less health cuz they are smaller and harder to see and hit while bigger props have more health cuz they are more likely to get hit. I think it’s well balanced. And it’s not about just sitting and waiting til someone shoots you, move around juke the hunters make them chase those whistles all around the map. Don’t just sit and hope they don’t shoot you because they think that crate belongs there. 

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Haha I agree with you, although playing Prop Hunt without a headset is a bit of a challenge, especially since whistling is such a big aspect of the gamemode in order to find other players.

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I agree on that or maybe give them limited ammo  "and because all the maps are contaminated the hunters slowly turn into zombies and get slower as time goes by until they die because they haven't found any allied troups they could slaughter and eat"  #wouldntthatbeawesome

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When I first started playing I laughed my ass off, thought it was the greatest thing. But now everyone's used to the props, I think if they just changed the props it would be a lot better. I've done rounds where I don't get found and they're spraying bullets frantically, but have also done rounds where I'm pinpointed instantly. I myself am quite familiar with what I'm looking for also. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that giant truck in gustav doesn't belong there

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