IW disc still needed to play MWR?

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Are there any plans to eliminate the need to have the Infinite Warfare disc inserted (and most annoyingly, the game also installed) in order to play Modern Warfare Remastered? One would think that since MWR is now standalone that this would be a no-brainer. 

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No, most anti comsumer company next to EA now. Doing this would benefit them in no way, only the consumer. I'm never buying call of duty or any Activision game again
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I can only agree, been a CoD'er from day one (CoD1 aka vCoD), but now they lost me. Not even bothered getting CoD:WWII or BO4. 


Atm PUBG is my current favo, and already pre-ordered Battlefield V. For oldskool fun I usually still play good old CoD2, amazing there are still ongoing comps for this game.


Anyway, @ the devs:

Adieu, farewell, ciao etc.. Good luck ripping off teenagers till they realize it's too late. I hope you guys can still sleep at night while knowing you mess up kids their future by using the addictive formula instead of just creating games for the experience (don't fool yourself thinking you do, cause you don't.. You really don't...).


Signing off from duty,


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