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The Community Spotlight showcases those who are found helpful within the Community Forums or Ambassador Chat.badge.png


The Activision Community Team chooses the recipient, and the beneficiaries of this honor are featured within the community and awarded a spiffy care package for their contributions.

This month’s spotlight has been a member Ambassador program since October 2017 and has been a positive presence in the community ever since.



Image uploaded from iOS (29).jpgQ:
Tell us about yourself.


A: My name is Randy, I’m 26 and in the U.S. Army. My job is to provide tactical internet and phones to battlefield commanders.

I'm married and have three daughters. The first game I ever played was the original GTA, my cousin Dale taught me how to play when I was about four years old. I have loved video games ever since, although admittedly GTA is not a good game to start with at such a young age.


Q: Would you mind explaining the origin of your Ambassador name?


A:  My Ambassador name is a combination of my last name and the day my wife and I started dating. It was supposed to be January 31st, but on that day she asked when I was going to ask her out and I replied with “Not now, you just ruined it,” so I waited a day. ‘91 is the year I was born.


Q: What are some of your favorite games, and what makes them your favorite?


A:  Some of my favorite games growing up were Pokémon titles and all the different versions. Overall, Gold and Silver (and of course the revamped Heart Gold and Soul Silver) are my Favorite. Johto is my favorite region, and the majority of my favorite Pokémon are from it. It’s also the first generation to include night/day cycles, as well as the first to have an extra requirement

tied to evolution. Pokéball creation/berry hunting was rather fun too. Donkey Kong 64 was another great game, and I even had the translucent jungle green N64. It very well may be where I learned to love collectibles, and it molded me as a gamer overall. Currently, my favorite game is Call of Duty: WWII. I’m not looking for brownie points, but in my opinion, there’s nothing that beats a BOTG Call of Duty. All of the added features and events play well toward the community and makes multiplayer that much more fun.

Q: Do you have a favorite Call of Duty title? Do you have a preferred game mode?


A:  I have a couple of favorite Call of Duty titles. 

The game that got me hooked on the series was Call of Duty: Big Red One on the GameCube. For the zombies game type, Black Ops 2 was my favorite. While deployed I participated in a competition with my soldiers to see who could get to the highest level on solo. Infinite Warfare has my favorite campaign, and it might sound odd, but the death letters at the end were touching and a thoughtful reminder of the people who’ve sacrificed everything.

My favorite game mode is probably Team Deathmatch; it’s what I play the most. I also enjoy Search & Destroy, even though I’m not great at it. It’s my preferred game mode to watch on MLG.


Q: Besides helping your fellow gamers, how else do you spend your free time? Do you have any hobbies?


A:  Video games are something I always enjoy. I’m also interested in learning how to snowboard, though I’ve yet to try it.

I take my daughters to the park quite often. Seeing them laugh and play is a good feeling. Running is another activity I enjoy, having participated in a few 5 ks and a half marathon.


Q: Do you have pets?


A:  I have two dogs and one cat. Riley is a Great Dane lab mix, Shelby is a boxer lab mix, and Tylo is a tabby cat.


Image uploaded from iOS (30).jpgTylo.JPG


Q: What is your most significant gaming achievement? 


A: My most significant gaming achievement would have to be completing Animal Crossing on GameCube without using cheats.


Q:  What has it been like, being a gamer in the military? Did you notice a gaming community of sorts?


A:  I wouldn't say it’s different being a gamer in the military, but sometimes it’s difficult to find time to play. It depends on your schedule (field exercises, late days/nights, deployment.)

I have played in a few tournaments run by the Morale Welfare and Recreation (a network of support and leisure services designed for use by U.S. soldiers) that included COD 4, Ghosts and Halo 4, but didn't win. While I was deployed my mother in law sent us about five Xbox 360's and I set up a gaming tent.


Q: What guidance would you give other Ambassadors on being more supportive of the community?


A: The best advice I can give to other ambassadors is to have patience, pay attention, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You may be surprised at how helpful our small community of Ambassadors can be. No one expects you to know everything about everything. If there is a chat, you don't understand, take it, learn something new.




Congratulations Randy! Thank you for your service and for being an excellent part of our community!

-The Activision Community Team



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