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I too have been playing COD since the original COD4 and I completely agree that just remastering the graphics wont make the game refreshing. Don't get me wrong, COD4 is easiy one of the bet COD's of all time but its almost a decade old game. It needs to be put on a new engine, it needs new sounds, it needs new looks. I believe that all of the new will make this game even better than what it was back in 2007 because I believe that Raven actually cares about the community unlike infinity Ward and Treyarch. As long as the core of the game stays the same, everything will be fine. Those are just my thougths.

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Well, I hope they'll listen to this suggestion Smiley Very Happy

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this is perfect and required. call of duty need new way system like csgo.
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Don't confuse the devs. They hardly know what they're doing in the first place. They have plenty of gameplay issues to fix before they can add a competitive playlist, I mean *****, do you really trust the people that can't even give you connection meters and kill cams to actually set up a competitive playlist? I'm pretty sure the only question on an Activision application is, "Do you have a working set of thumbs?" and if the answer is "no," you're immediately hired. 

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Lol best thing I heard in a while, I swear they just hire the cheapest straight out of community college programmers they can to save a buck or hell maybe they're interns lol....

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