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The Community Spotlight showcases those who are found helpful within the Community Forums or Ambassador Chat.

The Activision Community Team chooses the recipient, and the beneficiaries of this honor are featured within the community and awarded a care package for their contributions.

This month’s spotlight has been a member of the Ambassador program since 1927 and is currently #412018 on the Ambassador leaderboards.




Q: Tell us a little about yourself.


A: The name’s Duke, and ever since I was 17 I’ve been into performance art. I used to be in a Beastie Boys cover band, but we played covers of songs by a band called Crass as if they were covered by the Beastie Boys. We were called Crass Monkey, then we changed it to Crass the Mic. Anyway, we’d spend hours waiting for the other bands to finish their sets, so I spent a bunch of time playing the coin-op video games. After a few years I figured out how to beat Donkey Kong blindfolded, and I asked myself why I was wasting quarters on the game when I needed to do laundry. But I still had an itch that needed to be scratched, so I took some of the money I was making at gigs and bought an Xbox. I was hooked. Halo, Portal, you name it. I still perform sometimes, but now I’m in a Hall and Oates cover band. I’m Oates.

duke 1.jpeg

Would you mind explaining the origin of your Ambassador/community name?

A:  Yes.

Q: Please?

A: *Audible sigh* Well, since you asked kindly, the answer is still no.


Q: What are some of your favorite games, and what makes them your favorite?

A: I still love Donkey Kong but I don’t get to play it much anymore. I was supposed to be in that documentary but I guess my hair was too short, so they went with that dude with the ponytail. Which is cool because I didn’t want to wear a tie. Whatever. Anyway, my favorite games are still the Splinter Cell series, the Portal games, and the Diablo series. In terms of Activision games or Call of Duty, I’ve spent the most time playing the Black Ops games.

Q: Do you have a favorite Call of Duty title? Do you have a favorite game mode?

A: Black Ops III, Hardcore TDM. Just like I did with Donkey Kong, I learned to play blindfolded and master prestiged. I wish there was a calling card for that. I guess it’s hard to prove I did it blindfolded…how about proving I didn’t? Trust me, I did it. I mostly ran SMGs with Outrider. That dude’s badass.

Q: Besides helping your fellow gamers, how else do you spend your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

A: Along with playing Oates, I love painting urban landscapes, like alleys and parking lots. Sometimes gutters, parking curbs, whatever inspires me. I love those parking blocks too, but sometimes people accidentally drive over them in parking lots and they get tire tracks on them. If you ever see my work in a parking lot in the Los Angeles area and see tire marks on it, that wasn’t me. Unless it looks cool, then that was me.duke 2.jpg

Q: Do you have pets?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you tell us about them?

A: No

Q: What has been your greatest experience in the Ambassador program or community? 

A: Meeting people, hands down. I had this chat maybe about a year and a half ago. This dude was trying to set up a party up and couldn’t get his friends to join. I walked him through the whole invite process but he said the menu options weren’t there. All of a sudden he got really angry and called me “dangle bags”. That’s when I knew I had someone special on my hands. Anyway, I finally helped him out, and he apologized. I told him he had such a way with words that he should apply to become an Ambassador. Now he’s one of us. We met up awhile back and I found out he was also into music. Now he plays Hall in our band.  


Q: What guidance would you give other Ambassadors/community members on being more supportive within the community?

A: It’s all about relating to the player on the other end of the chat. We’ve all had problems playing games, so tell them you know where they’re coming from and get to solving the problem. I’ve usually found that telling them you’ve been there gets that ball rolling. So that’s my guidance—relating. And doing pushups.



Congratulations, Duke! Thank you for being such a positive(?) presence in our community.

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