wtf? there was a patch this morning and you didn't bother to fix the clan tag glitch

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Hey Activision it has been well over a week since people have been using the annoying clan tag glitch.  When I loaded the patch this morning I thought finally they fixed it but boom the first lobby I was in there it was. 3#arc would have long fixed this issue on Black Ops. You are either 1.  STUPID  2.  Just don't care or . 3.  Totally ignore  the posts on this forum.  I vote that it is all 3.  By far 3arc has proven to pay much closer attention to the glitching issues.  With as many people that are unhappy with the fact that this game is basically a glorified make over of MW2 with smaller maps it doen't suprise me that the number of players going back to Black OPs is on the rise. FIX THIS EASY ANNOYING GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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indeed you lazy fucks haha

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