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Oh I forgot about the leaderboards not updating xD.

I'm pretty sure I had 5,000 kills when the leaderboards froze. What's so crazy about 5,000 kills and level 80?

I'm 4 levels from the max level on BO2 and I only have 2,600 kills.

tlaspepper wrote:

you could be playing with people that just cant play.

Or I could be actually be good at the game. Smiley Surprised

I only play Dom and only Dom and it's not filled with kids that don't know what they're doing like TDM.

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I never play objective games. I tried but cant get into them enough to want to play on a regular basis. All I play is TDM.

Anyway, done some small Christmas shopping today and my girlfriend ask me if the store we were in had a wii-u. I said they should, they have the games for it. Long story short, she asked me if I wanted it. I said it doesnt matter. She said, I want you to have one. Nevertheless, she bought me the black wii-u and black ops 2 for Christmas.  I cant mess with it or even look at it til Christmas which is all good. Im still enjoying mw3.

Im not into black ops 2 because of the theme.Something different I guess. Never thought I would ever own a wii-u or black ops 2.

fissure~, give me some low-down on what you think about the console and black ops 2.

Anyone who has a wii-u can give some input.

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I seriously doubt that having a 3.47 k/d is rare in a game that was realased quite recently. After all, what really defines your k/d are your first few matches (LOL! I just remembered while I was writing this! I went 32 kills and 3 deaths in my first WaW match ).     That's pretty easy considering:

1. Lots of people don't do their homework and research as much info as possible on BO2. So therefore they do poorly when compared to the ones who do their homework.

2. A bunch of these newbie players are probably toddlers with rich parents who buy them all sorts of stuff and the kid has no idea what to do (especially since Nintendo is more or less a crappy game-console-production-company-thingy that's designed for little kids).

Hacking should never be ruled out in ANY online games that are played on ANY of Nintendo's consoles.

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What's this hit detection secret?

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in reply to nintendon_t afraid theres no new secret. It was just coincidence that I done something and no lag / hit detection took off. This is what happened.

I played mw3 that morning and done so-so. Then I rearranged my living room and when I hooked the wii back up I rearranged the wires some, After I finished rearranging the living room I sat down and played some more mw3. No lie, I had some serious hit detection. I wasnt lagging at all. I turned into the guys that run around killing people with 2 bullets. It was like that 2-3 days straight. The game was actually fun and I dominanted every game because I was lagging. Im like, this is how it ought to be. I was hip-firing and killing people with 2 bullets. They didnt have a chance.

It started on a Friday. When kids went back to school on Monday, the lag came back. So what I thought I discovered turn into nothing. Im 1 block from the school which is where my server is. Seems like when the school is out on vacation the lag goes away. School get out next week for a while during Christmas holidays so Im hoping the no-lag will come back.

For some odd reason, I`ve been lagging more in the last month than usual. My internet provider sent me an up-to-date router which I can get on mw3 as soon as the numbers come up in the top right corner when you log on. They claimed it would cut down on the lag but it didnt, it just connects me quicker. A lot of times lately, Im lagging as I do when Im the host.It doesnt matter if Im the host or not. I lag the same. I cant even get close to a moab now. Cant even get a good kill streak going..Dont know what the deal is with that...

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