mw3 makes me so angry

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so i wanted to play some s&d,

i click find game i enter a game that already has started so i go out of it.

i do again find game but i get in the same game again.

so again i go out of it and click find game s&d and AGAIN I GET IN THE SAME GAME !!!

and then i throwed my controller to the tv. and now the tv is broken.

-now the funny parts comes-

my sister bought a new tv for herself and she said she would give me her old tv.

a good tv like above 100cm good hd tv etc.

but the tv that is broken now is the tv of my brother and NOW HE GETS THE OLD TV OF MY SISTER

FMLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's such an unbelieveably sad story.

I really feel sympathetic for you.


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if you dont believe me i can make a picture and show you

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If this story is true, i think it's time for a major break from gaming.

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This happens to me a lot, altough i don't break the tv, whem i try to join a game it puts me in a lobby, i wait 5 minutes and the game doesn't start i quit and try to find another game, but it puts me in the same lobby. I broke a tiny little part of my controller on 1 of these episodes.

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I'm usually not immature and all, but in this case, i'll make an exception.


You break your TV over something like this?  I have no idea how old you are, but you need anger management, you need medication, you need HELP.

Get on some meds, because your brain doesn't work quite right.

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im 16 years old, and maybe i need help for my anger but mw3 really pisses me off sometimes

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Dude, sad but....  being a dumb ass

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You broke your TV over a game?

Kids these days...

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well i didnt know it will break but i got very angry so i threw my controller to the tv and then it did boooom. and now its broken

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