mk assault rifle - how tmes have changed

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mk assault rifle - how tmes have changed

When I first started playing I could not understand why anyone would pick a single shot AR over all the automatics.  I am almost done golding guns and had to move on to the MK.  What a difference time with the game makes.  I found that the issue with fully automatic rifles is that it takes 4-6 shots to kill, but you can miss a few shots, the rifle can rise up while firing, the person can duck behind something, or they can blast you with 1 shot of a shotgun.  BUT, time with the game has made me pretty good at quickly getting hits the first 1 or 2 shots. 

So I move on to the MK and find that, since it only needs 2 shots to kill, those are the 2 shots I always made contact with when using autos.  All of a sudden I am going from 10 to 14 kills and 4 to 7 deaths to 25 and 2! 

This gun is an absolute beast for me and last night I was only 2 deaths from a moab, something I never came close to getting before


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