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dedicated servers

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10-78busterking wrote:

Lets not forget the fact that by being able to unlock ALL weapons on the dedi servers will bring it's own attraction.

How many just don't care about this leveling up bs?  I would suggest many older gamers prefer not having it and will like an even playing field with everyone having access to the weapons of their choice.

I never liked this leveling ranking up because it gives gamers an unfair advantage.  How many can spend countless hours of gaming in order to rank up and get better weapons? 

So now with the unlocked weapons on dedis it will be a level playing field, regardless if you have spent one hour playing the game or 100 hours.

I like it a lot, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one.

Good post Buster.

I think there are 2 things I can detect in what people are saying that makes them not like the idea of unranked dedicated servers much:

1. The word unranked is associated with mods and private matches. People think they aren't getting the stock game on unranked servers. This is not true. Everything will be exactly the same as on P2P. The only thing missing is leveling up. In fact, you get to access the top weapons on day 1 instead of waiting weeks and weeks.

2. That no one will play on unranked servers. There is nothing to compare MW3 unranked servers with because before, ranked servers were dedicated and there wasn't anything to be gained by playing unranked. Now, there is - you get a better ping, admins who can kick/ban, and gametype settings which are better for matches. I mean, who liked the 5 mintue matches in BO? They were over before they had a proper chance to get going.

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dedicated servers

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I actually like ranking up. The feeling of accomplishment goes a long way. I actually played a lot of MW2 because of all the unlockables. The in game challenges always gave you a goal to aim for, guns, attachments, cammo, titles/emblems, countless challenges.

Conversly BO got stale for me real quick, the currency system made the in game challenges irrelevant to me.

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Re: dedicated servers

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Agree 100% Buster I hate all the crap from the console games thats slowly been added into the PC game, this will give us a chance once and for all to pick and choose what we can get rid of (noob weapons, wallhacking skill-less, fire and forget, choppers etc), I used to look to mods to add in certain missing features to the older stock games, now I want mods to remove all the crap thats been put in, thankfully we now have a chance to do that ourselves without the need of mods

Its the perfect situation, and Im so glad IW has seen sence for the first time in a long time to give us the dedi files once again

Im sick to death of seeing all the negitive posts about people complaining that they want to join in with the kiddie console fun that is CoD Elite, well tough luck if you wanna be treated like a console player, then you have to play like a console player, just dry your eyes and get on with it, your stuck with P2P like all the other console players

CoD Elite? thanks but NO THANK YOU

If people still want to complain or sign petitions about the PC version, I suggest they put their efforts into trying to get the map and mod tools released asap so we get a truly great CoD PC expriance once again, the way its meant to be

Pings Not Ranks...

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Re: dedicated servers

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Anyone tried Barebones in BO? It was good, but they took your attachments away as well as the perks and killstreaks. This time, we will be able to run our servers with the killstreaks off, but keep our attachments.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this unranked situation vis-a-vis dedicated servers is going to turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

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Re: dedicated servers

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Dante2010, in response to the create a class setup, I just checked out the ModWarfare on CoD4. I see what you're saying, but I will say this. I have been in a regular server before with 3x Frag perk and my perk was disabled. I was only able to use one frag. It wasn't a mod like where you have a seperate ranking. I had all of my classes like normal, but that one perk was disabled on that particular server.

That was about 3 years ago though. I'm no expert in that category, but the admin had to disable it somehow and I wouldn't know how he did that without a mod.

Whatever the case may be, I just hope there a system to create a class before ever going into and servers so when I do join, I can just pick a class and play. I guess we will see...sigh. Robert Bowling, care to break any of these questions down for us?
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Re: dedicated servers

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Well all i want to know is now are they giving us the server files cos if not its useless to me . A dedicated server off your own pc would be crap ...

Why dont they tell us anything well they do but in riddles ... half of its guess work and fingers crossed ..

They should be on here answering our questions . 402 Can see we are not happy he gotta be reading these posts .

Any way its a waste of energy typing cos no matter what he or any one else is  not going to answer ,, 

Ive preordered mw3 on the basis we get server files like cod4 as they said it was going to be like cod4 .. If not they can go to hell and im done with buying another for there lie's just to sell the dam thing .

So all i can do is wait .

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Re: dedicated servers

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