cod beats battlefield 3

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Its the same engine, it has been for years, it just gets a few updates per game, if you read google it, the lead guy at Sledgehammer says you can see how it has been worked on for years.  The engine is dated, and thats why MW3 looks like MW2 with a tiny bit better textures, the sad thing is, it is still not even an HD game lol

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See you only look at stuff about the game and not the reasons why...Bf3 is a good graphic game so im going to use it as an example

Bf3 (console version) Not even true HD quality with only 30fps. I think its almost 720p but it also has smaller maps. People who played Bc2 and Bf3 says Bf3 sucks because of the small maps(Feels like COD) well its a reason why its like that.

Bf3(PC) TRUE HD 1080p with 60fps the maps are big and the gameplay seems more fluid.

Mw3 has 600p and 60fps last time I checked. We all know the frame rate for COD is what make COD and it will NEVER drop below that.

Well why is the console version for Bf3 so nerfed down? Its simple..Its because consoles are not HD compatible and can not have high graphic definition and high fps. Mw3 has had an increase in graphics as far as textures but we will not see anything better in the future until we see new consoles.

Next year lets look at DICE next game. Its going to be Frostbite 2.0 im pretty sure. It will not look or play any better than the previous game(BF3 for consoles) because the game(DEVELOPERS) are at the limit.


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I noticed flowers will appear in the grass if you're within like 5ft. That is small little thing, but terrible that they have such a great engine with such a simple.... thing?  BF3 is a great game, just not as good as MW3 will be (I think).

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ea servers suck the game is full of glitches you get stuck in the map and you spawn with no gun for like 15 seconds

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BF3 is a much better game!!!  You dont win award after award for being a bad game.  Boys play MW3 and men play BF3!

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there is better maps , better guns and better glitches

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you cant play bf3 solo and get any cooperation because the game denies it. at least u can cooperate in cod

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