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i dont click on the thread. but does that mean i shouldnt be tired of seeing constant thread titles with "QS montage" or "sniping montage" (which we know that is a lie since qs is not sniping)?

this is not a forum to spam montages and asking for people to like. its for discussion about the game.

KT Phoenix
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You go on as if all you see is QS montages and that is just total rubbish, there are plenty of interesting videos on this site, if you don't like them go somewhere else.

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obviously,i have posted a lot of videos on this forum, not going to deny that. but look at my define camping thread, that got a huge discussion going, one i think was very positive and one that also gave me good feedback. im not going to post a video here if it isnt gameplay related, no one cares if i talk about what i ate for dinner last night.

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