XBOX vs PS3 - whats better for MW3?

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Actually, it all comes down to whether you want to pay to play online after you pay to get online. I, for one, love the Wii's controls and plan on sticking to it for as long as I can.

If I had to switch, I would definitely switch to the PS3 for three main reasons: built-in blu-ray, better graphics, and free online play.

That assumes that Nintendo and Sony don't decide to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft Live. I just don't get the concept of pay-to-play when the gamers' own consoles act as the game servers.

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I never understood pay to play either because you're paying for a feature YOUR console already has built into it.

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Its called greed. I look at it as I already pay for internet at home why should i pay for it twice? 

Switching to players hosting opens up two things, 1 hackers an more profit in the end for them (so they think), but as you can see its opening up a whole can of worms.  Because now they have to hire more people or take people off what they were working on say a new map an try an fiquire out away for them to stop the hacks, which waste time an money.

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meeh wii! lolbut if only xbox or ps3 xbox i just trol with quickscope and recone drone

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