XBOX vs PS3 - whats better for MW3?

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Thought guys?

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I played both, and all they do is camp...neither.

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Honestly i have played both, and they're both good... thing is i seem to see (and hear) a lot less 12 year old quickscopers on PS3 than 360, and people say 360 is better!?

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A bit like HC on the wii then

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Its the same thing but i like the ps3 cause of the controller. I grew up with the ps2 so i like the contorller better. Its only just preference unless you want map packs first then get the xbox360

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I have to say ps3 for a couple of reason.  No pay to play online is probably biggest reason. downside they get maps a month later but not that big of a deal.  Another reason I think is big just look at ps3 forum no mention of hacks as of late,  look at xbox and wii complaints of hackers.  Another reason you get a blue ray player $.  A personal reason for me is my first xbox only had possiblely 100hrs and it went to shit with the redring of death. after fixing it 3 times it finally went kaput about 40hrs later.

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I cant believe I got so many replies in the wii forum

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after black ops broke my wii i went to the ps3 and its honestly alot of fun. the controller is easy to adjust to after a few games and the camping and runing into full parties is alot less on the ps3. there are more split screeners and casual players on the ps3 or at least more that i run in to on a regular basis then xbox. xbox will spawn trap you on every map if your not in a full party. and xbox seems to be alot younger. on the ps3 though you seem to run into alot of spanish speeking people and its hillarious when they yell at you for beating there bums. so at the end of this text puke i say ps3 because i has it and itzzzz funzz timezzz

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It depends do you want activision to suck up to you (XBOX 360)? Or do you play more games then just COD (PS3)?

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