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Are you looking for a family to be apart of? Khaotix Gaming is your place! Were more then just a clan! We are a family! Theres no drama. Everyone gets along just fine! Khaotix Gaming was founded back in 2008. We are a 4 year old clan, We are a great community and family! We are sponsored by EvilControllers, Trigger Happi Custom Controllers, Kontrol Freek and Enjin. Khaotix Gaming has tons to offer for our members!

What We Offer

We have clan tournaments and many rewards for members that earn Member of the month, Supportive Player and many other things! Prizes range from Microsoft points to XBOX Live to Games to Gift cards! We also have Squads!!!

What were looking for in members

We don't accept just anyone of course. But we are not strict on who can get in.

These are the following requirements you must meet in order to apply to be apart of the family;

1. Have a KD above 1.0 In BO2 & in MW3 above a 1.0

2. Must be fairly active on the site and visit regularly and post on the forums

3. Must be drama free

4. No BOOSTING at all

5. No Cheating in games

6. Respect the chain of command

7. No trash talking to the opposing team in lobbies


So if you are interested in joining Khaotix Gaming then sign up here at khaotixgaming.com!

Our MW3 Clan is Level 48

Our BO2 Clan is Level 22

We have MLG players and chill players! So no matter what your type is you'll fit right in! Cant wait to see you there!

Send a message to our leader on the site or on xbox live if you have any question, - KHTX Five seveN

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