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The other day I was messing around on private match trying to do the wrist twist and I tried it without running over my tac insertion , I did it only twice and since them have not been able to do it, everyone keeps saying you need to run over your tactical insertion but no you don't . You just have to time it right. 

What are the best specialist streaks for a sniper with sleight of hand pro, QuickDraw pro, and dead silence pro and in what order?

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I would suggest assassian, marksman, and extreme conditioning.

What''s the wrist twist? O.o

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sovietcookie wrote:

What''s the wrist twist? O.o

Apparently a trick shot, but I could be wrong.

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Wrist twist is ( I think) when you run with an akimbo gun but you can shoot 1 of your gun while the other gun is doing the running animation. i'm not sure thought

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Is this a glitch or something?

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ITS A HACK! nah jks I have no idea.

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Wrist twist : your sniper kind of goes to the other side of the screen, its used in trickshots.... i i prefer the wrist twist with the righty akimbo magnum and a stun shot... thats an awesome combination

okay, i go for this, assasin first steady then and then scav

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