Will they patch that BS Snipers Insta kill?

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I actually find the snipers (Barret in particular) UNDERPOWERED!! I all too often get hitmarkers when hitting upper torso areas. Maybe QSing is unrealistic but the damage of a .50 Cal is TOTAL. It is a lot harder to snipe than use an assault rifle why ............... its simple physics and a matter of quantity which raises chance as well as area. INDISPUTABLE

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You're really crying over how powerful the sniper systems are? Seriously? You DO realize that the sniper systems were designed to be more powerful than an assault rifle, right? Why cry about something in a game that's true in real life? Sure, if you got sniped in the arm you wouldn't die right away, but most rounds from a sniper system would tear your arm to pieces if they hit it, so eventually you'd bleed out from the damage. Same with getting hit in the leg. So naturally if you got hit anywhere from the stomach up, it's basically a one-hit kill. Quit crying about it and just deal. If you CAN'T deal with it, I suggest playing Super Mario on the Wii from now on...

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its just a game.. get over it. I can easily outgun a Quickscoper 4/5 of the time. if you cant then don't blame the mechanics of the game and tell them to fix a problem that only a handful of people complain about.

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If watched enough kill cams by now to know that a lot of the time you get quickscoped or no scoped, the bullet either misses you by a foot or it hits you in the foot but you still insta-die regardless.

I have been shot in the head, or should i say, i have seen the bullet go through my head, but the hit marker was on my chest.

I think when i platinum this game, i'll be back on COD4.

Mw3, i think will remain FUBAR.

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I am level 71 on my second prestige and have been sniping most of this prestige. I have tried all of them, and can honestly say it is not a guaranteed OSOK even in the torso. Is it usually? Yes, as it should be. One thing non-snipers may not know is they have raised the weight considerably; you move MUCH slower than mw2. You can no longer sprint around at will with the big ass rifle.

Can you pull it up fast using quickdraw? Absolutely, as that is what the perk is in the game for. It also works with LMG's but I don't hear anybody complaining about that. Also, as was mentioned, assassin is a much better perk to use with a sniper class, given how slow you now are to change to a new vantage poi

A note on quickscoping... if a quickscoper is running around like an idiot and comes upon two ir three enemies (which in this game happens alot no matter what you're doing) he has a single shot rifle and has to aim and take out each one individually. In that situation it is far better to have an smg and hip fire spread their asses. BUT, if the quickscoper manages to take out all three of you, then kudos to him! That's impressive and you all suck lol. Notice also any lobby with a quickscoper (I have been in MAYBE three so far...) that the quickscoper isn't the guy with big killstreak rewards, and usually goes negative or barely positive? It may be fun, but it isn't a reliable strategy in this game... there are just too many groups running and spawning together, mainly because of the map design, which I love.s

Getting killed by a quickscoper is annoying. But I don't think its NEARLY as bad as being shot as I run by on a beast killstreak, by some god damned assassin+silenced weapon assh*le sitting in a corner, that's 3-0 six minutes into the game!!!

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Watch this video and please tell me that snipers take skill/aren't overpowered.

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Sorry but that was cool and I don't like quickscoping vids. I also think they should leave qs the way it is, it's a free kill.

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