Will they patch that BS Snipers Insta kill?

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You will never Stop qsing & sniping, it’s too much fun & there are people who don’t give a f-ck about in the end meaningless stats like k/d, it will always be in this game with sniping itself needing to be quick to be relevant in cod.

If you ask nicely I’ll play with an Ump rf and less kick instead with Assasin Pro on. I might even put off tactical if you are whining about me dropshot beasting you too, I’ll then just commando lunge you evertime by timing uhm, automatically getting it for seeing you first yet again by reacting faster. Lmao. You won’t beat players with faster skill, better positioning / cover & superior aiming head on usually, that is the case with all weapons. It’s clearly easier to do well constantly with autos on all these maps. This bitching of it being OP is thus hilarious.

There is an easy solution to your problem. Use quickdraw yourself on an ar / smg, be better, automatically fire faster and win most gun fights cqb to mid range by putting in bullets first by default & getting free kills. But I don’t want to give up Assassin, mommy, it’s not fair that a sniper wants to handicap himself so much by doing so for extra speed he needs to be useful on these maps. Oh, why mommy, oh why…

You’re at a massive, massive disadvantage on these maps with a sniper rifle in your hands without Assassin on. Showing up constantly with support streaks being spammed 24/7 as every retard can now get an advanced uav up. It’s very easy to hunt down snipers / quick scopers who play with quickdraw, they are giving up a lot to get that extra speed and need it at the same time on these maps.

Quickscoping sniper class is Annoying to vs yes but far from OP especially on these maps & you can Switch classes at any given moment yourself. But mommy the Sniper actually takes a bit of aiming ability, I can’t use that mommy, that is so unfair mommy. Without assassin on mommy, I die with umps / ars constantly mommy let alone sniper rifles. If it was anything OP, you would be using it. You’re using the ump / acr instead for a reason.

They need to give shotguns the damage add on from the start though as they are ridiculous atm in their fcking comfort zone & the riot shield is sadly very glitchy again

Gun balance is decent as it is overall. Maybe increase the recoil of the acr by actually giving it some and make the Type95 a 3 hit kill (49 base damage instead of 55 per bullet).

Quickscoping in this game has two flaws 1 it's not like mw2. It's much more like cod4. It's about inch precision aiming. All that is the same is quickdraw / soh pro speed. Thus by trying to qs constantly you will be getting a lot more hitmarkers do to arm multipliers & by being less accurate than with Steadying the aim. 2 They easily miss with just a bit of lag, again precision aiming is needed to do well with a sniper constantly.

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There's a super easy method for fixing Quick Scoping that doesn't gimp regular snipers.. it's so easy, I can't believe they haven't done it yet. Take the current damage drop-off system they use, and simply reverse it for sniper rifles.

In close quarters, it does 50 base damage. Once you get to the "Long Shot" distance, it does 70 Damage. This means that at long range, it's still 100% effective as always, just like it was always intended to be.. but at close range, you're no longer shotgunning players with it.

I honestly can't believe a solution so simple hasn't been implemented yet.

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Why would they even think of doing that? If they want to remove the sniper class in this game all that needs to be done is removing quickdraw abilities of it. As it is I'm already seeing little people using it for obvious reasons: the maps. Everybody knows how much assassin is needed on Sniper rilfes and how much more easy it is to do well with autos. There is no problem. The problem is the players getting pwned by better players for using stupid setups or just sucking. If you can't dropshot & move left and right at the right time by now in this game accuracly with autos, you really should not be playing this game. Sniper > generally a free kill cqb, unless he saw you first and has better cover / postioning & aiming at the time.

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Snipingdbag wrote:

unless he saw you first and has better cover / postioning & aiming at the time.

which is 100% of the time

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DropShotting is just as bad as Halo Jumping. It is spraying while falling. If you can't even aim, why are you even on a video game. Do you even have an accuracy over 15%? That is only hitting with 15 bullets for every 100 that you shoot. It shouldn't be too difficult if you actually cared about anything. And if you cared enough to come onto these forums and try to claim that you would "pwn" anyone with your DropShotting. Snipers should be less accurate as short ranges but I guess that would encourage ppl to barrel-stuff others more but w/e. Snipers should have less mobility, slower ADS but OHK to the upper chest and head. No OHK for shots to a foot. Why do so many ppl hate legit snipers.. Who mainly use bolt actions or dont spray semi autos.For those who actually take a moment to stop, ADS, take a breath and go for an accurate shot.

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Most sniper rifle are design to kill in one shot, depending on where there hit. So if you got shot gun up close than of course you're going to die.

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nerfing the barrett would be ridiculous. do you realize that it is a .50 caliber rifle and should be the strongest one in the game. quickscoping is really easy to do in this game, but it is something we have to deal with.

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this game has so many problems

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this game has so many problems. snipers are the worst i have ever seen in a game

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Not all snipers kill in one shot to all places. If so I could use a supressed osd and kill everyong that I came across in one shot all the time, where some times it takes three.

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