Why the differences between games in lag?

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This is what I don't understand about what happens with these games. I live in America. Apparently Black ops was great in other parts of the world because here in the US it sucked for many of us because of the lag that we experienced. I have a quite fast internet connection (50 MB down and 8 MB up) and coldn't get Black Ops to work at all doing the recommended settings, at this point it's still full of lag for me, even more unplayable if I'm the host. Now with MW3 I have little lag issues, sometimes as host (frame skip) but that's it.

Can someone explain this to me? Wtf is with these games? Me and several others that I've seen post would say that the faster the internet connection the worst it was in Black Ops. Now is it the opossite with MW3?

My point is that if people pay for the damn game then they should be able to enjoy it. I personally never enjoyed all the features of Black Ops because of lag, just hope it doesn't happen to you guys in MW3.

And of course, all COD games come out working almost perfect in Xbox 360 and completely neglect the PS3 version. Activision is too busy sucking on Microsoft's money shaft to care about PS3. Those head people from IW and SL even said in an interview that they woudn't do the same thing that Treyarch did with neglecting the PS3 version, and look at what's going on.

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