Who is excited?

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im exited!!!!!!!!!!!! JAAAAAAAa

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I can't say I'm very excited, no. It has to do with all the other CODs after COD4, which were supposed to be better, only... they weren't.

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I'm so excited and I just can hide it" these song just keep playing over & over in my mind"

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in reply to mvme2night

haha yeah, that's exactly how i feel. I've been singin that line for a lot of things lately

ToXiic ViXen
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I'm very excited

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yea expesily survival mode. i absolutly cant wait. soz about spelling. ps who here i accualy 18. im not

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not something you say on a forum that requires you to be 18, not very smart by all counts

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Well he is probably around 12 lol. so how smart do you think he is?

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And the banhammer comes in...

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just paid off my preorder today only 45 more days

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