Who else hates dome???

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All the maps are good!You just need to learn how to play them.If your getting killed by random grenades alot then switch to blash shield, there's so many explosions in dome your goofy not to use it anyway.If your getting shot from behind then that's your own fault, it's probably a corner camper that you ran right by in the first place.AND I LIKE TO PLAY DOWNTURN! Even though no one else does lol.

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It's a nice map for those, who like to play fast.

However, if you're lagging half a secend behind, you'll be dead in no time with no place to hide or camp.

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i like to run and gun alot so personally dome is 1 of my favourite maps

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dome and downturn both suck giant balls

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I've bashed this map since the beggining. My biggest problem with Dome aside from it's poor design is how often comes up. I feel like I play Dome every 2-3 games. Because it's so small and all the ADD no skilled n00bs want to play it I'm always stuck having to deal with it.

It wouldn't be so bad if the map wasn't so easy to spawn trap. Izjaj says check your back, but rarely that's where the spawn trapper is. He's normally laying down in front of you ADS at the exact point you're going to spawn. There's no defense against that

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Me, i hate that map

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I run 'n gun. So I love Dome. Yeah it's easy to get spawn killed because it's always the same spawn points. It's easy to lay a bouncing betty or claymore where you know the enemy is going to spawn. Plus you get a run n' gunner like myself who will knife someone that just spawned in front of me. It is a small map, so I can't be to mad at the spawns. But I always seem to go positive. And it's my favorite map to kill campers with my RPG.

By the way, Sabotage has the worst spawn issues. I once had a guy on the opposing team lay a tactical insertion behind our spawn, and he got a MOAB because we wouldn't spawn anywhere else on the map except that one spot where our whole team was getting spawn killed.

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