What is going on with Clan Op scheduling for MW3 ?

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Elite need to sort themselves out - Everytime I try to enlist my clan in OP's I find that they are only available about once per week and don't start usually until 10pm on a Saturday night Uk time.
This is no doubt timed to suit our American friends and not the loyal players here in the United Kingdom and europe - As someone who is rarely free
to take part in clan ops at weekends it means I am basically stuck with doing challenges instead and hence its taking ages to rank my clan up.
Even if I enlist my clan in op's - I cannot be here to run it which means any score will not be registered.
It is time Elite started offerering more MW3 Op's during the week and not at from 10pm - 1am on weekends.
I think a start time of 7pm Gmt would be far better.
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