What do you think my chances are?

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Xbox stolen + MW3


Xbox stolen + MW3 again

Replaced (Now I hide it)

Someone else logging onto my account and playing MW3.

Call Xbox Live and talk to person who doesn't help.

Someone else logging onto my account and playing MW3 again and prestige me (I did not want to prestige).

Call Xbox Live and talk to competent person who helps me fix it.

Reported this information to the detective in charge of my cases because Xbox Live will give police IP's if they get a warrent.

Thought about calling Activision to get my prestige reset, but didn't bother.

Re-leveled up to 80.

I wanted my Sitrep Pro back so I boosted 2x 1v1 games to get it.

Error 1000 Banned for 48 hours for boosting with stat reset.

If I call Activision support is this a black and white issue? I assume it is and there is nothing I can do about it because they don't actually care, but what do you guys think my chances are of just getting reset back to my original prestige before I was prestiged by someone else.

You can comment all you like on how I need to move/where I live/boosting newb you suck, etc. It won't really help or add to the discussion in any way, but you're more than welcome to satisfy your posting urges.

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