What Happen to the Assult Line of Rifles

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Ok, I know that MW2 had the "laser sight" which needed to be adjusted; however, the answer IW coded is to make you act like a drunken sailor while targeting any assult rifle. I tried their methods to calm down the rifles (as instructed in Elite) but it doesn't fix the it, unless you just plan on playing the running game (run and shoot close range only). You completely forget about the sights and try to use the cross hairs to attempt the start shooting in the right place, but expect to double or tripple your bullets. I'm not saying you can't kill with assult rifles but their range has been signficantly reduced and you cannot even hold don't the breath button to shoot like a snipper. you are just left with the drunken sailor targeting.  I've gone back to MW2 to get over the frustration of the new game.

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