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We are a new clan just really starting up were lvl 5 and we have 11 people. Our clan requires 1.2 KD and up we can have exceptions if you tryout and beat one of our captians. We are an xbox clan. We have a 1.32 kd. If you are interested just message my account Original Cammel or send a application to our clan WeAreReadyToLose. You can also just reply to this and put your gamertag and i will look you up and message you. We are a friendly competive based clan. We dont allow anybody that is under 13 becuase i usually find that they like to scream in their mics. We are currently looking for a recorder. We almost always have a few people on. If you are a unfriendly person to your teammates i do not recommend trying to join our clan. Thank You for checking us out.

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