Veteran gun challenge no longer counting?

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So I just noticed that the "veteran" challenge is no longer counting kills for one of my LMG's. It is curently stuck at just over 600 kills. Has anyone else run into this?

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go check this out , look at ur totals on the elite website on ur computer...kills deaths etc etc...then go on the app on the console and see how far off that is...then hit the leaderboards up and see yet again how different all 3 are as far as stats go...on my barracks on xbox it says i have like 7000 + assists...which is supposed to be total from all gametypes obviously. well in core tdm alone i have near 11,000...kills are off by about 3000 as well...the site even has different totals u are not the only one experiencing issues trust me. ive put the hrs in on the game and the site and what i can say is this , the beta worked better than this garbage lmao

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This happened to me with the PKP Pecheneg, for some reason my veteran kill count stopped but a few days later it was fine and I got the badge. Haven't noticed it on any other weapons since.

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Yeah, same gun I'm having issues with. I'll wait a few days and se what happens. Not much I can do I guess...

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Does it work after a few days?

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It's the pkp, it happened to a couple of people I play with. Never started working for them again though.

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Anybody find any solution to this problem or did it just start working again?

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For the past two days I couldn't get my asists on the recon drone and today it's started working again, there are lots of strange things happening.

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