[UPDATE] Estimate on When Stats Recovery Takes Effect

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many people, like me, dont think you should get your stats back. you tryed to cheat and they got you. take it like a man.

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EffigyFG wrote:

I Just got off the phone with a really nice customer support agent and he said that

"We are sorry for you issue and we are doing the best we ca i know your ager to get to 15th sine your were 11th as i can see here with your report but you are safe to continue to play MW3 for the Xbox 360 as it will not effect the Stats Recorvery process as you have already made a report with all the information and as we see the leaderboard for Team Defend shows you as 11th level 36 you can expect a Stats Recovery to be in effect in around 1 to 2 weeks im sorry its a long wait we have  no control over this wait time and process its all on the developers this is what we have from all the information that the Dev's gave us. So please Effigy be patient and thank you for calling us as well. Nice to meet a gamer like you."

and that was what i was told from Activision Support. You can take it you can not. But i'm goig to wait like a TRUE CoD FAN for 1-2 weeks and hopefully get a Stats Recovery in the middle of those 1-2 weeks.


(I can be wrong but won't stop me from believing and hoping.)

It MAY be the fact that they have to investigate every claim just as if it was a boosting report.

No offense intended like SOME people who are being rude here

They may need to check messages (for example) through Xbox PET to see if you were invited to a boosting lobby. Or they may need to investigate if you were actually reset for boosting. They may have to double check everything to make sure they dont reset stats to normal if you WERE doing something wrong.

Not to scare you or anything like that. Hopefully it will take sooner for you to get an answer.

PS if you copied and pasted that information you may want to inform Activision that their help desk needs a spell checker If you did type it from scratch there IS a spell checker on the message box on the top right.

Most likely all the playing you will do from this time to when you get your stats back most likely will be overwritten. so any really cool things you do may not count at all.

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some of the ppl who got deranked simply took an invite unknowingly and got reset...even tho i agree they need to go after hackers i really think they need to be more cautious about how they do it cuz there are ppl who had nothing to do with it that are paying the price for a random invite just being infected from a public lobby...fyi im sure some of the issues the game is having is cuz the hackers running things online that the servers were never capable of handling. I just wish there was a way to tell who the host is...reliably...then we could be reporting the correct person for modding...just a thought.

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You shouldn't get it back...

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Thx for the update...trust it all works out.

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just hopefully i get my stats back

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I'm just curious from the people that were reset, what exactly were you up to when this happened?

Three questions I have:

1)Why were you invited into a random party?

2)Why would you accept a completely random party invite?

3)Why were you watching random videos in a strangers vault?

If you answer these questions truthfully, you know you should probably be reset anyways.

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I wouldnt hold your breath. Activision has your money why would they care about your stats getting reset. These devs cant even get the game to work and play properly they have much bigger issues then restoring peoples stats.

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Some people arnt as suspicious as other on the consols and actually play them to make friends and have fun dude,

I personally have everything set to private and no invites no friends requests no messages either,

But some people are far more trusting and I could see my son doing exactly what u posted in every step,

Meet some one, have a good game n get along, be invited to a private match to mess about and then watch a vid from some one else's vault all because this guy tells him it's a kool vid, then bam there goes ya stats,

It's simple a matter of trust and u can bet a lot of people will have been genuinely fooled at first by this scam,

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