This Is Why They Added 10 Additonal Prestige Levels....

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....because they knew how bad Treyarch was gonna mess up the franchise so they gave us 2 years worth of prestige levels. Too bad I spent so much time getting to 20 already. Oh well, now I have more time to get my guns gold. Treyarch removed the respawn timer out of hardcore team deathmatch and that turned it into core. No offense to those who love core but hc fans are pissed! Plus they removed hc ffa and we only have 4 hc options to choose from. Infinity Ward knew Treyarch was trying too hard to change this game so they were like prophets and extended our playing enjoyment. Thanks guys! Don't ruin hardcore like they did please!!!

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no i do believe that was to combat the rampant token glitching going on. they added the extra prestiges, well one if you really look at it. for the people leveling up like crazy. after the patch the extra were added to make the top prestige more "legit", and for those who slipped through the cracks to have to earn the rest like everybody else had to, by actually playing.

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Well I did it the hard way. I only play hc tdm and everyone knows that it don't give you the xp per match that objective based games do. It was a grind but I had a lot of fun! I still like my idea though, Treyarch did a lot right in Black Ops 2 like the guns but they killed stealth play and hardcore.

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BO2 is bogus when compared to MW3

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Black Ops 2 is a good game but there is no relaxed hc tdm option anymore. The respawn timer slowed the game down a bit but now it's on crack! Hardcore was sick in CoD 4.

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