The maps in this game are terrible

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To start off, most of the maps in this game are a joke. They are too linear and cluttered with random exploding objects and fire.

I want to talk about the particular map Outpost. If you call in an AC130 on this map at the wrong time, it is literally usesless. You have a big mountain obstructing your view, covering over half the map. What a damn joke that is. I just sat there in my AC130 not even firing, waiting until the damn AC130 flew around the damned mountain, which takes up more than half the time you have to use the AC130.

As for Downturn, that map is probably the worst map in CoD history.

Just wanted to vent. I know you guys don't care about this game anymore. I know how Infinity ward works, you guys don't give a flying sht. Just don't make the same stupid mistakes again, because once you release something you don't give a sht about it anymore as long as you got your money.

Merry Christmas.

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and the irony is about "making the same stupid mistakes" is that the gullable people (myself included) fall for these same mistakes every year..

What I will say though, is BO2 multiplayer is far superior to MW3.

Don't get me wrong, MW3 is still good online, but BO2 just walks all over it.

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I got Black Ops 2 today, and I am going to step away from the majority as well and say it is superior to MW3. It can improve though. There's no such thing as a perfect game, but I expect them not to suck.

After MW3 I tell myself I'm never buying another CoD again, but a year later I always find a new CoD game on my shelf.

I'm not sure what, but there's something about the CoD franchise that is addicting. I myself say I hate CoD, but it is just about the only thing I play on Xbox other than Halo. This game pisses me off to no end, but I continue to play it. CoD rewards you for literally everything you do, and that might be why. *Cough* Deathstreaks.

Don't get me wrong, CoD can be a ton of fun, but also a big kick in the testicles when it doesn't go your way. MW2 was probably the most frustrating CoD I've played so far. Little kids screaming and noobtubes going off is all I hear on it now.

To sum it all up, I trust Treyarch much more than I trust Infinity Ward. I really just have the feeling that Infinity Ward doesn't really care about their games after they're released.

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