The MK14 rifle does not have the performence as it is represented in the statistics of the game.

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Nah steady aim is the way to go for sure. It's just lag that makes close quarters tricky sometimes as arm and leg shots don't do as much dmg as head or body shots so often times you think you've hit them in the body when in reality you've hit them in the arms which means a 3 shot kill.

A hipfire hit has the same dmg as an ADS hit, it's just lag making you shoot arms and legs and that's why you're doing less damage and having to 3 shot people with the MK14.

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i like the mk14 alot i use to run acr but now i use that when i unlock it .. the only reason i havent used a prestiage token on it is because i am ok with using the acr until it unlocks .. i also have been really into the fad lately i dont get why people dont use it more often .. i hardly ever see anyone with them ..

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MK14 is amazing.

Also, none of the weapons really have accurate stat descriptions in game.

The MP7 should be a pretty weak gun, but it's also an amazing gun.

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yeah the mp7 is beast as well but if you notice it doesnt get any bonus from the profeccencies like range,rapid fire dont really help much .. to me the best smg is the pp90 with range and rapid fire

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If a weapon is seemingly performing "worse" than what its (actual) stats imply, then it's mostly the fault of lag while the rest is all on the user.

The MK14 is NOT meant to be an all around, easy to use Assault Rifle like most of the full autos are, It's strength, as mentioned, lies in medium to long range while it ends up suffering in close range. That's what keeps it balanced. If you had OHKs up close with the MK14, people would definitely complain that it's OP because, like the Type 95, people would panic hipfire with it and all they'd need is that 1 glancing hit while even the Type 95 still needs at least 2.

So, as mentioned, it's perfectly fine the way it is.

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I have played extensively with this weapon, registered over 35 000 kills with it and can assure you the weapon isn't the problem. I to, as you have experienced, have often gotten 2 hit markers at close range then instictively moved on to the next target, expecting that I have killed my opponent, only to realise he didn't die and is now firing back at me, often resulting in my death. As many have said it's the lag, lag comp, sychronization issues (take your best guess) that causes the game to not register your hits or register them to late. When you have the better end of the lag or are on an even playing field it's an awesome weapon. I have actually taken out whole teams at close range with this weapon. When you are on the short end of the lag you have to use its range advantage just to survive because like all the single shot rifles in this game it cannot compete with the fully automatic weapons when you are lagging.

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Every gun needs to have a weakness, doing what you're suggesting would remove any weakness from the Mk14.

Personally it's my favorite weapon of all time, aside from BO M16. My ELITE stats would support this claim. I find it to be very balanced and there's no need for any modifications to it

Also if you're getting 3-4 hit markers up close and don't like it then I'd suggest removing the silencer. Even in core I rarely get any more than 2 hit markers up close w/out a silencer. But even at long ranges and using a silencer I consistanly manage 3-4 shots to kill. That's seems pretty fair to me considering it's incredibly accurate and out guns everything else in the game at longer ranges

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This weapon is already good enough...

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