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Hello, fellow MW3 gamers!  I am o SiCK MiND o, owner of The Blood Line clan (TBL) and I am here looking for new members.  I am not about putting false information about ourselves.  We may not be as big as other clans, but our numbers are small for a reason.  We want only those people that will be committed and are looking for a true gaming family.  Yes, we have a Codes of Conduct page, clan events, and different forms of structure, but we realize that each gamer is an individual.  We will never make you do anything that you do not want to do.  No gamer tag changes, no mandatory practices, no "I am your leader so you'd better do this" crap.  We have recently let members go from the clan.  Members that only join so that they can say they are part of a clan are not wanted and are definitely not needed.  We play hard and have fun.  TBL has dreams to become more than just your average clan.  We want our name to be in people's minds, homes, and everyday life. Basically, we want to go beyond gaming.  With those kinds of ideas and goals, how can we go wrong? Sure, there will be some setbacks and hardtimes, but why not come and join us in reaching that ultimate level? What do you have to lose?  From one gamer to another, won't you join me?

Visit us now at the and see what we have to offer and what we are all about!  If you want to join simply fill out or quick application and wait for approval.

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FEATURED VIDEO of TBL Council Member xXMs ScarletXx!

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