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Stupid question

Do you plan to ever do anything about the cheaters, both Invisible dickwads and wall hacks, or are you just gonna let this game die an ignoble death?

I'm guessing you're gonna let it die, cuz not only have you not done anything over the last year, you re-designed your forums to make it harder to complain about cheaters and/or lag issues.

Seriously, it's hard to find a game now that doesn't have at least 1 invisible player.  Unless the lag problem has grown much worse and they ain't invisible, the lag just means I never see the guy I'm moving towards until I watch the killcam.

Wall hackers are everywhere.  Here's an idea.  Hire a couple of interns at minimum wage.  Pay them to play the game on special machines that record everything.  Apply the ban hammer to all the cheaters you find.  It's a win win win.  The interns are happy to be paid $8/hr to play the game.  The players are happy the cheaters are banned.  And you're happy cuz your reputation is no longer in tatters.

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Re: Stupid question

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing cheaters in Modern Warfare 3 and thank you for the suggestions provided. We understand how difficult it can be to play with other players that aren’t following the rules. Please be aware that there are thousands of players reported daily which is handled by Infinity Ward. These reports are sifted through manually to ensure there are no false positives which can take some time. Also, there may be a delay from when a player is confirmed as a cheater/hacker and when action is taken. As we continue to moderate this game and other titles, we recommend to continue reporting cheaters using the in game reporting feature. Also, as an alternative, you can also report a player here Customer Support . Hope this helps and sorry for the inconveniance. ^SM

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Re: Stupid question

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Are you sorry? I think you don't understand some easy facts.

A lot of people who want just play in MW3, who paid money for this, they are can't to do it. You really did nothing for save your game from cheaters. 9 of 10 conferences - with cheaters. It's crazy. For example. As I know you have elite servers for PS3. You keep this servers from bastards. So. Do you think about all PC users? Are we are not players? Or what? We are nothing for you. ok ok.. Let's sell this game for 1 dollar if you don't want work and support us. This game with cheaters just make me mad and destroys my nerve cells. And after all spoiled hours you can say only "sorry to hear it" ? ! JUST SORRY TO HEAR ? ! It's so low... Have you a lot of programmers? Or .. people who are working on cheats more serious than you? !

it is a low-quality product. as if the game engine would not have been finalized. This is a real problem. And I do not understand why you close your eyes to it?

And finally, it's not a problem of players. Why I must spend my time for report any crud ?

I'm sure that you just do not care about all that. and the fact that I'm writing - including.

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Re: Stupid question

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Hi there.

We care about all players, regardless of console and we try to make the game as fair as possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to see everything to goes on in game, which is why we need the assistance of players such as yourself to report cheaters, hackers, modders, glitches, and boosters using the in game feature or the link SM provided above. Each report that the security team recieves is thoroughly investigated before any action is taken to ensure no mistakes are made. As SM stated, this process does take time, but each cheater will feel the crushing power of the banhammer. We have banned countless cheaters and with your help, we will ban countless more. Please keep reporting players in game whenever possible to the security team. I will be more than happy to forward your suggestions to the proper channels again.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything else we can assist with. We're here to help.


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