Spec-Ops: One Man Down to End it All?

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That's interesting..

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That sucks....damn it, now i can't play with penguin cause he gets downed every 3 seconds....

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Dang, I was getting past the 2 player limit and then I hear about this. Oh well, I'm sure Spec Ops will still be fun.

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yea my teamate when down from chopper i had to take them both out got ne with an airstrike i just got the other then he died game over!

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Wow, that sucks majorly!!!

Needs to be 4 people MINIMUM, I'd prefer 5 or 6, and you really need to be able to respawn next round and not have to revive your buddy.

I guess the solution is primary:riot sheild, secondary, riot sheild or awesome shotty, and hide somewhere in the corner of a building by one of the stores...

AA12, anybody???

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