SiMo Clan Recruiting! [All Call of Duty Games]

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SiMo Clan Recruiting! [All Call of Duty Games]

Whats up all my snipers, I am Chuckles and I would like to show you guys my sniping clan I am starting up. I know most people want to be in FaZe or OpTic but don't have a way of getting known, so i created this clan for all of you snipers/trickshotters to submit your clips and get your name out there. I currently only have a few members but with your help we can make this a success, and possibly a good clan to help other snipers get their name out there. We are also in need of good video editors and a GFX team to help make our montages. So what do you have to lose? Go and check out the channel and submit your XBL gamer tag or PSN and I'll add you to the roster and don't forget to subscribe. Remember this isn't a permanent clan, it is a clan to help you get known in the sniping community so you can join other clans when the time comes

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