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Now it 's time to stop, no cheater, I appeal to game developers to create a serious anticheat for mw3 all those who cheat should be banned. I and many other players having spent money to buy the game we are outraged by the excessive number of cheaters among the players.

We do not care if the infinity means to get people to buy the xbox or playstation 'cause lovers pc never relinquish it.

so that all players should no longer buy a pc call of duty in the future should indeed seek reimbursement of the cost of the game. I really hope that many players to join pc to my mind many many Italian players like me feel the same way.

sorry for my bad english

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we are many that are waiting for them to do someting about it, i have send so many reports and what happen nothing at all. My brother are so close just to go out and find a cheat to the game to give them back, but as i also have said to him, that is not the way, we just have to wait and hope they will do someting about it. But there are really manny cheaters and they just sit and laugh because they no nothing happens to them

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I was wondering if they even police it at all, I'v only been playing a few days and I have seen so many hackers I am starting to think they allow it...

I know a guy who has been hacking this game since it came out and still has not been banned... maybe I'll just go get the hacks from him....

Hell if we all hack they have to do something right?

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Sometimes when I play and I want to report a hacker, they laught me.... they said "nothing will happen, just do it!"

I would like to play in a clean servers with a clean players!!!

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Cheaters do get banned now and then, but it takes far too long, between bans, as more cheats arrive each day, and as better cheats are developed and cannot be detected by Vac, the game just gets flodded once more, to be honest I think the game in it's current state has had it's day, and it was a short day at that.

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